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Your website may be very beautiful...

But if your organic SEO or PPC search engine campaign is not generating more online contacts and leads that help you close more real world sales and deals, whats the point? Our SEO services ensure that your website works harder for you

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Plans & Strategies

By incorporating our SEO and PPC expertise into your marketing strategy you will increase visitors to your website - and ultimately increase sales.


There is little point in spending valuable time and money developing a new business website and then simply sitting back and waiting for customers and orders to arrive.


SEO & PPC business marketing plans


Precise targeting is the key to improving brand awareness on Google search results pages. Our SEO and PPC services will help your business to reach brand-loyal customers ensuring that your products and services remain in their minds.


To generate more leads & sales for your business, we work with you to clearly define your position at the top of searches made for your products or services with a bundle of fast track internet marketing services.


We translate your business plan into the keywords that your prospects will type into search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


We develop the keywords into search engine optimised location or advice pages that are informative for clients and attractive to search engines


We build social networking hubs on Twitter and Facebook, specific to your location, goods and services and create blogs to keep your customers up to date withthe latest products, trade news and market developments


We submit your pages to the best international search engines, directories, blogs & portals to ensure the very highest profile for your company and your gooda or services.


We can also submit your products to the major classified advertising sites and submit your latest company news to online press release sites and journalists at trade newspapers, magaziness, journals and publications relevant to you company or business niche.


SEO & PPC business marketing & advertising.


Utilising a broad spectrum of targeted online advertising opportunities, Search and Submit will develop and implement an SEO or PPC marketing strategy to match your budget, whether ongoing or for a single campaign.


For further information about ways in which Search and Submit can assist with online promotions, digital marketing or internet advertising, please complete our online enquiry form.

Search & Submit SEO & PPC Marketing Packages


Fast, thorough examination and assessment of an organization and its sphere of operations to determine exactly what is needed to reach set objectives


Setting the strategy with budgets, timescales, audiences, methods of reaching them etc, then putting the marketing plan into action.




Creative approaches decided upon in the digital marketing strategy are handled in our studio and any production necessary is carefully controlled resulting in a high quality finished piece.


List purchasing and creation, cleaning and construction of databases for accurate targeting of customers and prospects. Upkeep and expansion of digital marketing databases thereafter.


We are committed to extending the boundaries of digital marketing solutions, producing practical sensible solutions that meet our clients’ targets..


Evaluation Evaluation of the digital marketing campaign, highlighting trends and making adjustments if necessary, ensure best possible targeting and results..